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Our venture building platform leveraging the collaborative power of the Flightpath member community and fund

Venture Builders is exclusive to Flightpath members including founders, researchers, investors. Flightpath membership starts at $499/yr.

Member-led venture groups

Connect with founders, investors and experts across the Flightpath community, organized around shared interests intersecting technologies and industries.

Gain insights, find allies

Interdisciplinary venture groups host forums and roundtables, shaping high-potential opportunities and validation projects.

Form teams, boost ventures

Powered by our Builders Fund, we co-invest in member-led, venture-validating seed projects, backed by industry partners.

Develop seed projects

Develop seed projects, raise capital and manage your team - all from the Flightpath platform.

Project cores

We back members with a project teaming vehicle to pool efforts, IP, resources, capital, with preset terms

Secure funds

Raise, contribute and manage project funds from Flightpath and partners

Manage teams

Project spaces to work with members, partners and external audiences


Tap into the collective power of the Flightpath membership as an advantage

Flightpath Venture Builders is exclusive to Flightpath members. Membership fees apply. Teams are assigned a Flightpath Group Partner, dedicated SPV, and a standardized teaming agreement that includes predetermined post-project terms. Teams have full independence to manage projects, stakeholders and funds through the Flightpath platform. Platform fees include a one-time project setup fee, % on funds raised and standardized terms on Flightpath Fund investments. For more details, contact Ken.

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Flightpath Venture Builders included with membership - starts at $499/yr

Join member-led venture groups aligned to technologies and markets

Form teams to drive projects and pilots, manage pooled resources

Access to group chats, expert sessions, community events

For founders, builders, researchers, investors, and enterprise members

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