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Member-powered venture building

Our open innovation and venture building platform leveraging the collaborative power of the Flightpath member community.

Open to Flightpath members, founders, builders and investors. Venture Builders membership is $49/mo.

Boosting products (and deals) from the ground up

Many high-potential startups stall due to early gaps in expertise, validation and funding. In Flightpath Venture Builders, members collaborate in venture groups, turning gaps into opportunities.

Build together, faster

Venture Builders collaborate via dedicated venture groups, monthly forums, demo days, private project spaces and funding vehicles

Explore in venture groups

In Venture Builders, member-led groups explore technologies and market verticals. Members seek to co-build, buy and invest in products, pilots, companies - forming teams and funding syndicates.

Share insights, try demos

Venture groups host monthly forums, discovering demos, discussing trends, sharing insights, and shaping high-potential commercial projects that lead to venture investment opportunities.

Form teams, lead pilots

Group ideation is easy, but co-building is hard. In Venture Builders, members form teams to tackle collaborative projects - research, prototypes, pilots. We provide spaces and tools to pool resources, efforts.

Co-invest with members

As projects advance and deals emerge from venture groups, we provide vehicles to structure new entities, syndicate investment between members, and access to the wider Flightpath Ventures community.

Exploring technologies, markets and opportunities

Member-led venture groups unite founders, investors and partners with shared exploration (and investment) interests. Here's a few:


Making cities more sustainable, resilient, and liveable


Transforming the world's food and agriculture systems

Creator platforms

Building platforms and tools that drive the creator economy

AI in life sciences

Exploring AI/ML opportunities in the global biopharma and life sciences value chain

Digital-first brands

Building brands that embrace digital-first consumers

Mobilize opportunities from venture groups

Use our collaborative member tools to form teams, and manage exploration studies, prototypes and pilot projects.

Member-led project spaces

Form exploratory teams with venture group members, using private project spaces to keep things organized.

Turnkey agreements

Keep initial teaming terms simple with template agreements

Manage funds

Raise, contribute and manage project funds easily and transparently

Share progress

Update team members, partners and external audiences

Post-pilot track

Drive momentum through Flightpath network partners and funds

Take the next step

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Flightpath Venture Builders membership starts at $49/mo

Join member-led venture groups aligned to technologies and markets

Form teams to drive projects and pilots, manage pooled resources

Access to group chats, expert sessions, community events

For founders, builders, researchers, investors, and enterprise members

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