Mobilizing growth leaders and venture builders

Flightpath is a member-driven venture community and fund uniting growth leaders and venture builders across Canada.

Members learn alongside same-stage peers, sharing context, experience and ambition, and access to the collective power of community.

As founders ourselves, we built Flightpath to unite growth leaders and venture builders in our own community and beyond.

Hear from our community members

Nicolette L.

Founder, early stage growth

Joining this community was the best decision we made to get our startup off the ground."

Pat L.

VC managing partner

The sense of community fostered here is truly impressive. I find tremendous value in being able to connect with high-potential founders and teams at the forefront of their growth."

Sam P.

Founder, later stage growth

We're supportive of anything you do to try and bolster our ecosystem; you're one of the reasons we had a community to grow up in during the early days of our company, which was really important for us.”

Kristina W.

CEO, venture capital fund

Their commitment to fostering a supportive network makes it a win-win for both investors and founders."

Fouad E.

Founder, early stage growth

Our time at Startup Edmonton was a game-changer. Being surrounded by other founders going through the same challenges was incredibly motivating for our team."

Tom H.

CEO, later stage growth

When I first met Ken he had a wild optimism about his vision for growing our startup community. I left thinking, 'this guy's nuts'. It is a testament to his ability to get it done."

Kevin S.

VC & COO, later stage growth

As a leader, Ken possesses all of the traits that you would look for in getting a vision and company off the ground; energetic, creative, charismatic, smart, strategic and one of the hardest workers I have seen."

Nathan B.

Product manager, early stage growth

Before joining, I felt lost in the startup world. This community has given me the tools and connections I need to build a solid foundation for my business and career in product."

James N.

Founder, early stage growth

This community is more than workshops and mentors. It's a supportive place where we share wins and pick each other up during tough times."

Victoria L.

CEO, national organization

They built the beacon for all things entrepreneurship in Edmonton, and in a short amount of time has become a Canadian model for what a Startup Community could and should be.”

Kendall B.

Founder, early stage growth

As first-time founders, we didn't know where to begin. Flightpath provided us with the resources and guidance we needed to turn our business idea into a reality."

Bree E.

Community meetup organizer

With no hesitation, they provided us a place to start and grow our meetup group. Since then, we've helped hundreds of women learn how to code in our community."

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